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A simple direct linking campaign that is guaranteed to get you your first conversion.

Just $10 to run the campaign, fast approval on a newbie friendly affiliate network, and $50 in tracker credits!

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Learn how to setup, analyze, and optimize your first campaign!

Our 7,000 word guide explains, in detail, how to run an affiliate marketing campaign.



We show you step-by-step how to setup a campaign on PopAds using an offer from MOBIPIUM and BeMob tracker. We walk you through setting up those accounts, your tracker, and the campaign on PopAds.



We show you how to analyze the results of your first affiliate marketing campaign. You will have conversions so we show you how to break down the stats in BeMob to make it profitable!



You will not be profitable on your first try. It's important to learn how to analyze your campaign so you can then optimize it for the best results. We show you how to find your profitable segment and optimize the campaign for it!

Every single step is outlined in detail and you can ask any questions in the forum.

This course is broken into 14 easy to follow steps within the affLIFT forum so you can easily ask any questions or get help about specific steps!

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What do members taking the course have to say?

Oh, yheeee..... @Luke rocks....... Thank you, Luke and everybody in the AffLift forum, First time in my life I got GREEN in my campaign....


Luke, thank you so much for putting this together! I'm at ~40% ROI after $10 bucks. I've isolated some profitable countries and websites along with some additional funds. Round 3 should be about to kick-off! This has been a wonderful learning experience. Perfect for getting my feet wet. I look forward to doing, and learning more!


Frequently Asked Questions

You only need $10 to run this campaign (the minimum deposit on PopAds).
Yes, this guide is free for affLIFT members. Membership to affLIFT cost $20/month.
Yes, you will get a conversion. This course/guide is setup specifically to make sure you get conversions so you can do your analysis and optimizations as shown. However, that does not mean the campaign will be profitable. This campaign is built specifically to teach you how to properly run a campaign.

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Pops Guide is the perfect course/guide to help any beginner affiliate marketer get started and learn the process of running a succesful affiliate marketing campaign. The course is broken down within the forum to make it even more effective as a learning tool!
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